2/2 Special Service Solenoid Valves

Johnson Valves offer a wide range of special service two way solenoid valves with Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Plastic bodies along with various seal options allowing them to be used with Cryogenic Fluids, Combustible Gases to EN 161, Heavy Fuel Oils, Hot Water, Toilet Flushing, Steam, Vacuum and WRAS approved water services. They are available with a normally closed construction (valve is closed when de-energised and open when energised) or a normally open construction (valve is closed when energised and open when de-energised).

2/2 Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

2/2 Gas to EN 161 Solenoid Valves

2/2 Heavy Fuel Oil Solenoid Valves

2/2 Hot Water Solenoid Valves

2/2 Steam Solenoid Valves

2/2 WC Flushing Solenoid Valves

2/2 Vacuum Service Solenoid Valves

2/2 Water WRAS Approved Solenoid Valves